By Matt Fleming. Ridley Scott is rapidly approaching the age of 80, so cinema fans will forgive him if he leans on his prior works to prop up his present-day career. It’s only polite.

During the filmmaker’s promotional tour for his upcoming adaptation of The Martian, HeyUGuys managed to score an exclusive bit of information about the future of Scott’s Alien-ish prequel.

Prometheus 2 is seriously going to be called Alien: Paradise Lost.

Spoiler alert: Prometheus was a terrible prequel to the Alien franchise, wasting the valuable energies of both Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender while turning Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce into soap opera-level dunces. So, it makes sense that as senility approaches, Scott would look back at his life only to throw the stuff he remembers at Damon Lindelof, thus chasing him away to work on another perplexing screenplay in the process.

The aging filmmaker has previously expressed, he expects two films will be necessary to connect Prometheus to Alien (which is also a thing that we did not just make up) so expect Alien: Paradise Lost to be followed by Alien: The Divine Comedy

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