By Matt Fleming. Somebody get Robert Englund on the phone. They’re remaking A Nightmare On Elm Street. Again.

Since audiences and critics weren’t satisfied with reboot number one, the 2010 literal nightmare starring Jackie Earle Haley and Rooney Mara, New Line Cinema is moving forward with plans to flip their signature franchise for a third time. As of yet, the only name attached to the project is writer David Leslie Johnson (Orphan), but honestly the only names that should be associated with Elm Street are Wes Craven and Robert Englund.

The series’ innovator Craven has not been involved since 1994’s New Nightmare, and star Englund was dumped after the mildly successful Freddy Vs. Jason, but it seems unlikely that the studio will return to the two guys most widely associated with nightmares. While once associated with original and cutting edge material, New Line, commonly called “The House That Freddy Built,” seems intent on using the character to mortgage said house.

Since the film is still in the development stage, no other details are available, but expect the finished product to be in keeping with all contemporary horror retreads: dark, bland, and bereft of a soul.