By Jarrod Jones. Oh, my sweet, stalwart Patience. You’ve served me well. Here, have a C-note. Let’s run off with Hostility and get ourselves thoroughly plastered.

The gods have been just, and our geek needs have been met, as noted comic dork/Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis has finally landed a high-profile DC Comics gig, which… actually, no. That’s not right.

Looks harmless enough...

Looks harmless enough…

While it’s true that Max Landis will be helming a seven-part miniseries for DC Comics called Superman: American Alien, and that the book will have seven fantastic artists attached to it (Jock, Nick Dragotta, Tommy Lee Edwards, Jöelle Jones, Jae Lee, Francis Manapul and Jonathan Case are all on board, with covers to be rendered by Ryan Sook), Landis was quick to kick all of our expectations in the nuts with his reliably motor-mouthed hyperbole.

I’ve wanted to write a Superman comic for my entire life, and I’m surprised they’re letting me write the one I wanted to write,” Landis began, as the entirety of comicdom stared at him like some kinda seasoned ballet critic. “I sort of wanted to do the opposite of All-Star Superman.” And then Twitter lost their shit.

Then Max Landis, who would have been best advised to stop right fucking there, continued to speak.

It’s seven stories from Clark Kent’s life. It’s not a redux of his origin. Instead, it’s stories Clark might tell you if you were having a beer together.

By the way, all this happened after Neal Adams said his new Superman book was called Coming of the Supermen, which I don’t even have the energy for right now. It’s drinking time.

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