By Jarrod Jones. We don’t know a whole bunch about this All-New Spider-Man just yet. But it seems safe to assume that he’s about to learn his trademark mantra the hard way.

“With great power comes great responsibility” seems to be the prevailing theme in this new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. We find Peter Parker (Tom Holland) thriving as the Spider-Man after the events of Captain America: Civil War, thwipping around New York City in his super-cool, high-tech spider-suit. (Given to him by none other than Tony Stark himself, played by Robert Downey, Jr.)

Between his spider-strength and agility, his considerable science savvy, and his gimmick-laden ace-in-the-hole, Peter Parker has power enough to do right by the city he loves. It’s that whole “responsibility” bit that seems to be slightly out of his depth. (Pffft. Teenagers.)

There are a few important plot details squeezed into this trailer, including the film’s prickly conflict between Peter and Tony Stark (who takes away the keys to Parker’s Spidey suit after a botched ferry rescue). Whether these details end up being a detriment to the overall feeling of giddiness this trailer provides is entirely up to you.

Featured somewhat more prominently in this second trailer is the film’s main heavy, The Vulture (Michael Keaton, owning that “Birdman” moniker), and that rules.

With Keaton (a legendary DC superhero making the jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe), Marisa Tomei (as Parker’s “conspicuously attractive” Aunt May), and Bokeem Woodbine (as, yes, The Shocker), it would seem Homecoming has the pedigree to overcome the familiar story beats that we’ve all come to tolerate over the course of fifteen years. (Yes, we’ve lived through fifteen years’ worth of Spider-Man movies.) Will the third time be the charm Spidey needs? Time will tell.

As crazy as it sounds, this latest Spidey movie will be the sixteenth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s a gallery of promotional posters released by Marvel Studios. Look at those blue skies! (Insert DC Cinematic Universe gripe here.)

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ thwips into theaters July 7.