By Matt Fleming. Now that Steve Jobs has been dead almost four years, we can finally ask the question “are we finally ready for a second biopic chronicling the rise/fall/rise of the personal computing pioneer?”

And if the newest trailer to Steve Jobs has an answer for you, it’s, “well… yeah.”

As the first trailer hinted, Danny Boyle’s collaboration with wordsmith Aaron Sorkin appears to be about as okay as a ham sandwich. Once you get past the “Seth Rogen is Steve Wozniak” thing, it becomes apparent that Boyle and Sorkin are going full Social Network with this one, extracting just enough conflict to give the film its drama without fully damning the dead. Jeff Daniels, Sorkin’s favorite talking head, grumps a bit, Kate Winslet almost cries, and Rogen accuses Michael Fassbender’s Jobs of being kind of a phony, which is old news at this point.

The central conflict between Jobs’ career drive and failure as a father remains at center, which is enough to give the movie a plot. What ends up on the screen is an adaptation of the cult of personality Jobs was most famous for, and in the wake of his passing (and with more zombies droning through the streets staring at their iPhone 5s), it’s likely moviegoer’s obsession is less with the man and more with the products he innovated. At least Ashton Kutcher isn’t in this one.

Steve Jobs will be downloaded to theaters October 9.

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