Reshoots Will Make 'SUICIDE SQUAD' More Fun Than That Other Movie, For Obvious Reasons

Reshoots Will Make ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ More Fun Than That Other Movie, For Obvious Reasons

By Jarrod Jones. Maybe kvetching into the digital ether isn’t such a waste of time?

An encouraging rumor has filtered through Devin Faraci’s (I dunno about that name either, folks) which states that David Ayer’s forthcoming supervillain jamboree, Suicide Squad, is about to undergo a series of reshoots. The reason? Warner Bros wants to make it funnier. And as everyone knows, fun rules. (As opposed to that other thing.)

An “excellent source” says that before the shoots “all the jokes [in Suicide Squadwere in [the second] trailer“, which feels like a cynical reminder of the knowledge that the entirety of Dawn of Justice could have been “enjoyed” in a mere two-and-a-half minutes. The huge reception from audiences, who reacted favorably to watching The Joker and Deadshot kill folks set to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, has forced the top brass at WB to invest “tens of millions” of dollars into making Suicide Squad not something you’d want to hate-watch.

Of course, Faraci cites this as Warner Bros’ sole motivating factor. Though one can’t help but think that there are other contributing factors to the studio dumping a whole bunch of money on a film aimed for release just five months from now, like say the critical pounding Dawn of Diminishing Returns just took in spite of its record-breaking box office haul. Perhaps public perception means a lot more to Warner Bros than previously thought, especially when it comes to billion-dollar superhero franchises.

Which means critics still matter, and always have. You assholes.

‘Suicide Squad’ will probably be pretty alright August 5.