Written by Max Landis.
Art by Jae Lee.
Colored by June Chung.
Lettered by John Workman.
Cover A by Ryan Sook.
Cover B by Jae Lee.

With great power comes… great opportunity? It’s time for another Elseworlds-style riff on the legendary Clark Kent saga from Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis!

From DC Comics: Clark travels to Metropolis for the Cerberus Summit, a rare meeting between three of the world’s most prominent young chiefs of industry: Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen, and the enigmatic Bruce Wayne. Landing an exclusive interview with any of the three would all but guarantee Clark a prestigious internship with the Daily Planet… but Clark runs into some unexpected competition when he meets another college journalist named Lois Lane.

$3.99 | T+ | FEBRUARY 17

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