By Tommy Robbins. With the next installment to Batman: The Telltale Series right around the corner, we prepare ourselves for that deep dive back into the mean streets of Gotham. But anticipation (or hesitation, if your thoughts are more in line with Jarrod’s) just became a bit more difficult to contain, as this new trailer gives us our first glimpse of a happy (and all too familiar) face.

Okay. Let’s address the obvious big news: The Joker has finally made his appearance in Telltale’s Batman. Expected or not, the Batman villain we all love to hate has made his debut within the walls of Arkham Asylum. Look there! The Ventriloquist also makes a cameo. And Zsasz! And the most feared and notorious inmate of all the funny farm — Bruce Wayne?

With Oswald Cobblepot having successfully wriggled his way into a newfound position of power and Harvey Dent enjoying a wild descent into madness on the citizens of Gotham’s dime, the appearance of the Joker — young, invalidated, but nihilistic as ever — is everything that Mr. Wayne doesn’t need.

After the tense close to Episode 3: New World Order, it’s pretty clear how Wayne found himself in Arkham, but just how the Joker effects the now potentially fragile psyche of the Batman, well, that’s a story that’s definitely worth being told. Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham is sure to pack some outlandish theatrics and obtuse story beats. Absurdity aside, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably in it for the duration. Batmobile go!

‘Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4 — Guardian of Gotham’ is available for download on November 22.