By Tommy Robbins. Blood and Wine, the second major addition to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, promises a final quest for Geralt, which will carry him into new lands previously unscathed by war. Also, presumably, into a barrel full of wine.

In the launch trailer released by CD Projekt Red earlier last week (which you can watch below), we see the people of Toussaint, the land of summer. Illustrious knights and extravagantly dressed women carry on with an air of freedom and ease unlike that of previous areas. (Because, horror.) But there is something far more sinister at play here… the kind of something that calls for — you guessed it — a Witcher.

As Geralt stays busy questing, slaying, and seducing his way across Toussaint, players are promised another 30+ hours of new objectives accompanied by vibrant and exotic landscapes. Nightly rituals serve to mask an ancient evil but that can wait — there’s so much to see, after all.

New features, including characters, armor, weapons and monsters (and, of course, Gwent cards) all promise to accommodate every player. Whether you’re fighting for glory, Gwent gambling, or simply looking to swoon all The Witcher’s wonderful ladies, it would seem Blood and Wine has you covered. Hell, there’s even a vineyard for Geralt to hang out in. What’s better than a relaxing day off in a vineyard?

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Released today, May 31, on all platforms carrying The Witcher, Blood and Wine is available for $19.99 — or as part of the $24.99 Season Pass. CD Projekt Red made some fairly grand promises regarding The Witcher‘s future, and with this second massive DLC drop, it would seem those plans are coming to fruition.

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