By Tommy RobbinsBeen on the fence about the Wii U? Well it may be time to jump or forever hold your peace.

With the Switch offering a new take on Nintendo platforms, while bridging the gap between mobile and console gaming for good measure, dwindling support for the Wii U wasn’t only inevitable, it came sooner than many probably thought.

Nintendo’s Wii U has historically been a frustrating console for critics and gamers alike, and its few obvious hits aside (Mario Maker or Splatoon, anyone?) it has struggled with its sales, totaling only a fraction of what came from the Gamecube, N64, or the original Wii. And last week, it appeared that Nintendo was ready to stick a fork in it.

Eurogamer corroborated that Wii U production was to end on Friday, November 4, despite Nintendo’s insistence to the contrary. It would appear that everyone’s not-so-favorite Nintendo console will not be long for this world. In fact, its end may have already happened.

Today, the products page on Nintendo’s website lists the Wii U’s production as “scheduled to end.” (It’s in Japanese, but trust us on this one.) “Production” being a vague term in this case — we don’t know for certain the stage of production in which the console currently resides. They could have another hundred-thousand units “in production” or the final console could be in boxes, ready for shipment. This, also, does not directly tell of how this will affect sales in regions outside of Japan. But one thing is clear, there will soon be only a finite number of Wii U’s left in the wild.

So, as stated before, if you’re on the fence about that little silly console and its handheld screen, now is the time. Worst case scenario: You miss the Wii U, cut your losses, get a Switch in March 2017. All is well.