By Tommy RobbinsYou, defender of Azeroth. A new unspeakable force marches upon the lands under the banner of the warlock Gul’dan. His legion of hellions leaves no choice but to journey to the Broken Isles in a quest for the mighty Artifact weapons from days of old. But it will be no simple feat, for ahead lies many obstacles: the titan keepers of Stormheim; the mysterious ruins of Azsuna; and the dreaded Emerald Nightmare in Val’sharah.

Seriously, World of Warcraft simply doesn’t stop.

The colossally successful MMORPG from Blizzard is ready for the next leg of its seemingly infinite campaign. This time we’re taking Azeroth’s defenders to the Broken Isles, for all that previously mentioned juicy story content. But aside from new lands to shuffle through, there are a handful of new features coming along with the update.

The new hero class, Demon Hunter, debuts alongside Legion, beginning the campaign with a character level of 98, allowing new demon hunters to meet the required level cap in order to access the new content. Cast out from elven colonies for wielding the tools of the Legion, Demon Hunters are quick, nimble, and armed with the might of demons.

The Order Halls, another area unique to Legion, works as a community hub, allowing Azeroth’s defenders to hail companions of their class to dive into a proper fight with the foes that wait within the Broken Isles.

Aside from a swath of new features, the Legion update is packed with a whole world of story quests and new landscapes to explore. Rare treasures and new elite bosses are only the tip of the iceberg.

Cheers Blizzard, you’ve done it again.

‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ launches today for $49.99, with a digital deluxe edition for $69.99.

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