By Tommy RobbinsYakuza 0 is still a few months away from making its debut in the West, but news by way of the PlayStation Blog has arrived to supply us with a peek into this rock-em, sock-em journey. Not only that, but should you be the type to indulge in special edition purchases, Sega’s got a little something just for you, you special little snowflake.

'Yakuza 0: Business Edition' promo. Image: PlayStation Blog.

‘Yakuza 0: Business Edition’ promo. Image: PlayStation Blog.

Yakuza 0 is where all the high stakes drama begins. Travelling back to 1988, a 20 year-old Kazuma Kiryu has just found his way into the Dojima family, one of the yakuza’s most well known and violent crime syndicates. A simple debt collection job goes south when a television news program shows his victim dead, seemingly at his hands. The Dojima family now receiving unwanted attention from law enforcement, things begin to look grim for Kiryu.

Along with this insight into the game’s narrative, Sega has also announced a “Business Edition” for Yakuza 0. This collector’s edition will feature business cards from the game’s central figures as well as a stainless steel business card holder wrapped in the game’s iconic tattoo designs. Aside from the collector’s edition, a separate digital-only pre order bonus has also been announced, featuring an exclusive PS4 static theme with the game’s two central protagonists.

'Yakuza 0' static theme. Image: PlayStation Blog.

‘Yakuza 0’ static theme. Image: PlayStation Blog.

Revenge never looked so slick!

‘Yakuza 0’ makes its way to Western audiences on January 24, 2017.