By Tommy RobbinsZelda: Breath of the Wild is mere days away but pirated copies are already popping up — and with them comes leaks. If you managed to avoid the plague of spoilers sweeping the internet in the last 24 hours, then good on you.

As the primary game that will decidedly drive console sales for Nintendo (and a Zelda game, at that) the rampant fervor surrounding Breath of the Wild was to be expected. But these leaks were an unintended surprise for eager fans chomping at the bit to not wait one more goddamned week. Because they’re busy next week, and for all the weeks to come.

Here’s a serene screengrab of ‘Breath of the Wild’. Fucking meditate or something. Image: Nintendo

Nintendo inadvertently got the ball rolling when an incident on their end made files containing Breath of the Wild assets leak into public facing servers earlier this month, according to reports from Kotaku. Though Nintendo was fast to correct their mistakes, it remained a happy accident for fans eager to get those juicy morsels. This accident unlocked a world of knowledge about the game, including weapons, armor, and a whole boatload of other content.

Those who were all in for Nintendo’s brief slip up were also able to get a little something else. Encrypted files were obtained that, mixed with a digital key that legitimates them, produced a playable version of Breath of the Wild on Wii U. Early playable build in hand, the mad rush towards ruining all the fun did begin. (Don’t you click that link unless you’re ready to be spoiled — You’ve been warned.)

For those of us looking to sit down this weekend and experience an untarnished beginning with Breath of the Wild on our Wii U or our newly obtained Switch, it’s still possible. Avoid the internet. Don’t be tempted by the headlines. And if you find yourself on an article you should not be reading, cross your eyes and frantically click that back button! You’ve made it this far.

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is out on Switch and Wii U March 3, provided you’re not already over it.