By Jarrod Jones. Your favorite thing in the whole world, right now. Let’s talk about it. ’10 Things Concerning…’ is the latest DoomRocket interview series, where we discuss your absolute favorite comic book, film, television show, or video game. Think of it as the only stop for your geeky confessional.

This week, I’m talking with Kyle G. King, contributing writer for, concerning his #1 All-Time Favorite Movie In The History Of Movies, ‘Punch Drunk Love’. Cue the harmonium. 

1. Describe the first time you watched this movie.

The first time I watched Punch-Drunk Love I feel asleep midway through. I’ve done this with a lot of movies I’ve claimed as favorites (Rushmore, Children of Men, A Serious Man). The second time though, I was at home with a kissing friend; but I stayed awake the entire time and we even didn’t kiss until after the movie ended. That’s how much it affected me.

2. How many times have you sat through this?

I’d say I’ve seen Punch-Drunk Love start to finish a solid 10 times, with another 10 times falling under “looking up a single scene because I can’t get it out of my head, then ending up watching the rest of the entire movie to the end.”

3. Your opinion on the career of Adam Sandler, please.

Like so many great comedic actors, Adam Sandler can invert his humor to evoke such great dramatic performances. The most I’ve ever cried during a movie was during 2006’s Click — as an emotionless robot person, I hardly ever cry during movies. But the dude loves making money, so instead of challenging himself to trying new things he just keeps turning out fart comedies. Pity.

4. Your preferred moment to watch Punch Drunk Love: just after a breakup or JUST before a breakup?

Punch-Drunk Love is a 100% romantic fantasy to me. It’s not sad any more than love stories are supposed to be. It’s only sad because love is inherently sad and that sadness makes love stronger. I prefer to watch it alone late at night when I’m longing for human companionship and it can keep me company. The color palette has such a magic hour tone to it, and its beautiful to get to the end of the movie right as the sun is coming up. I haven’t found anyone geeky enough to want to watch it with yet.

5. Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman movie?

I really hate when celebrity deaths are over-glamorized and everyone acts hurt to the scale as if they personally knew the person who passed. But when Phillip Seymour Hoffman died, I felt such a dreariness that day. I was never a passionate fan of his, but I felt robbed of never being able to experience him in anymore roles. His part in Punch-Drunk Love is absolutely the most fun to watch, but Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York is his master class opus. That made me fall for him.

6. Your Healthy Choice: Beef & Broccoli Cafe Steamer or Pomegranate Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Bar?


7. There’s a broken-down harmonium on the side of the street adjacent to where you live. Drag it into the house, or leave it there to rot?

Observe it and wait for a blue-suited man with an anger problem to find it. He needs it much more than I.

8. While we’re talking about P.T. Anderson, I didn’t like ‘Inherent Vice’. Did you like ‘Inherent Vice’?

I got a screener for Inherent Vice and I still haven’t watched it. But I’ve watched the trailer about two dozen times because Katherine Waterston’s voice narrating the trailer is beautiful angel music to my ears.

9. Best way to get an entire room’s attention.

Shatter the sliding glass door with a hammer and break down crying because you don’t understand how to process human emotions.

10. Hawaii: yes or no.

No to the Hawaii in Punch-Drunk Love. Yes to the Hawaii in 50 First Dates with the cook who likes peanut butter cups.

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