By Jarrod Jones. Your favorite thing in the whole world, right now. Let’s talk about it. ’10 Things Concerning…’ is the latest DoomRocket interview series, where we discuss your absolute favorite comic book, film, television show, or video game. Think of it as the only stop for your geeky confessional.

I had the chance to talk to artist Stephen Byrne (‘Doctor Who’ cover artist, that lip-biting ‘Trinity’ short you probably already have bookmarked somewhere) during Emerald City Comic Con earlier this year, where we briefly discussed his all-time favorite television series, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. 

1. Describe the first experience watching this show.

It’s funny, because I don’t actually remember it. [Laughs] I was maybe twelve when it was on. I don’t remember when it it turned around, but I know that by the second season I was totally hooked. I remember a friend coming over when it was on, and me turning them away: “Now is not the time. [LaughsIt’s ‘Buffy’ time.” Don’t remember the first episode I saw, but by the second season I was hooked.

2. How many times have you sat through this entire series?

Again, it’s impossible to know — too big a number to count. [Laughs] As an artist, oftentimes I’ll put the TV on in the background as a buffer for me while I’m drawing. ‘Buffy‘ has always been one of my go-tos. So I’ve gone through the whole series many, many times just having it on in the background, on a loop. I do remember when I was younger — maybe eighteen or nineteen years old — I counted that at that time I had seen the third season eight time through. So as an estimate, I’ve probably sat through this series twenty times. Unhealthy. [Laughs]

3. Does ‘Buffy’ ever disrupt your work?

Well… The “Silent” episode, you have to stop and watch the show. You can’t really take that one in when you’re drawing.

4. Speaking of unhealthy: Nathan Fillion as Angel and Alan Tudyk as Spike. Good idea or GREAT idea? 

Uh… weird idea. [Laughs] I see Nathan Fillion doing that role more… I can’t imagine Alan Tudyk as Spike, because Alan Tudyk is goofy. Spike is kinda goofy unto himself, sure, but he’s got an agenda. Alan Tudyk wouldn’t be the first person I’d think of for that role.

5. Who would win in a slay-off: Buffy, or Blade?

Buffy. No further discussion required.

6. Favorite Big Bad on the show.

(pauses) I’m just going through my mental Rolodex of Big Bads… I would say Willow, actually. I dunno if you would consider her an all-time Big Bad, because she only got there in the last two seasons, but for me it was much more emotionally resonant when Buffy had to fight a friend instead of an enemy from the very beginning of the show. To watch a friend become an enemy is always more difficult to watch.

7. You turn into an alleyway. The Gentlemen stand twenty feet away from you. What happens next? 

You run! What else would you do? You would run and you would scream, if they hadn’t already stolen your voice. [Laughs]

8. What is your favorite post-‘Buffy’ Joss Whedon project? 

Loved The Avengers, but… Firefly. Firefly and Serenity. Definitely. I have seen Serenity a dozen times.

9. Xander — yes or no. 

“Yes or no” what? [Laughs] Am I sleeping with him? Am I sharing a meal with him? [Laughs] Yes! I think he’s great, one of the most interesting characters on the show! That scene in Season Seven where he gives a monologue about what it’s like to be the one who doesn’t have the superpowers, who stands back and watches everything. That really did it for me. It’s like that “Zeppo” episode where everyone acknowledges the fact that [Xander is] super important but he doesn’t have superpowers, and they remind you of that several times. He’s the one that most people can relate to, because he’s not extraordinary. He’s just an ordinary guy.

10. Complete this sentence: “Into every generation…”

“…a Slayer is born.”

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