Written by Fabian Rangel Jr.
Art by Alexis Ziritt.
Cover by Alexis Ziritt.
Price: $3.99

If you missed out on Space Riders #1 (as we did, like a bunch of dummies), this is your chance to hop on for the ride! Black Mask Studios is a publisher worthy of your notice, so do yourself a solid and grab one of these puppies this week, either at or at your local retailer!

From Black Mask Studios: After the mind shattering events of Vortex of Madness, the Space Riders find themselves crash-landed on an unknown planet. They encounter an alien warrior tribe, as well as the beautiful and fierce Dona Barbara. Also in this issue, our heroes find themselves in the presence of a Space God. Ride along as Capitan Peligro and his crew escape from the haunted planet!


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$3.99 | 32 pgs. | On sale MAY 13