By Stefania Rudd. Do you have little ones in your life who are drawn to the world of comics through movies, cartoons, and video games, but you’re not sure what to start them with, or even know what’s appropriate?

We got you! Books For Babes aims to provide info on what books kids will enjoy, but can also be entertaining for adults. One can never start too early — or too late — in building a solid comic book foundation.

Ages 4-7

Books for Babes assesses 'DC Superhero Joke Book'

Image: Downtown Bookworks

The Official DC Superhero Joke Book
Downtown Bookworks/$12.99
Written by Sarah Parvis, Michael Robin, and Noah Smith.

Q: What’s Catwoman’s favorite color? A: Purr-ple.” “Q: How does Aquaman greet his friends? A: With a big wave.” “Q: What’s the best way to reach Krypto? A: On his mobile bone.” You may be groaning right now, but the kiddos in your life who enjoy a good pun will enjoy the latest book from Downtown Bookworks, The Official DC Superhero Joke Book. 176 pages of bright, colorful, classic DC artwork is interspersed with jokes relating to DC’s most iconic superheroes and villains… and even some Super-Pets!

Most of the jokes follow the question and answer format, but there are also plenty of knock-knock jokes, humorous tongue twisters, and silly “Did you hear about…” statements that will have you giggling with each turn of the page. (At several points in the book I did find myself saying, “Okay, that was a good one.”) A great addition to any child’s library, one that will get them learning about these characters in a humorous way, The Official DC Superhero Joke Book is a fun and breezy way to enjoy the DCU. Alright, one more… “Q: What happened to Cheetah when she tried to hide from Wonder Woman? A: She was spotted.”

Ages 8-11

Books for Babes assesses 'My Little Pony: Legends of Magic'

Cover to ‘My Little Pony: Legends of Magic’. Art by Brenda Hickey and Heather Breckel/IDW Publishing

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #1
IDW Publishing/$3.99
Written by Jeremy Whitley.
Art by Brenda Hickey.
Colors by Heather Breckel.
Letters by Neil Uyetake.

Legends of Magic promises to explore the secret history of Equestria, from cutie marks and its magical underpinnings to friendship (of course!). In this infectiously fun first issue, Celestia learns from Starswirl the importance of being a compassionate and understanding sister, and more importantly, a leader.

Jeremy Whitely starts strongly with this issue, immediately delving deeper into the My Little Pony mythology than even ardent fans would anticipate. Whitely illustrates the contrast of these character’s outlooks and attitudes through their actions and words, weaving lessons throughout the story without being too preachy. This compliments nicely with Brenda Hickey and Heather Breckel’s art and coloring: their contrast of Equestria with a newly discovered dark world was particularly well done. It’s safe to say that this series will be well-received by every MLP fan.

Ages 12-15

Cover to ‘Brave Chef Brianna’. Art by Selina Espiritu/BOOM! Studios

Brave Chef Brianna #2
Written by Sam Sykes.
Art by Selina Espiritu.
Colors by Sarah Stern.
Letters by Jim Campbell.

Two months have since passed for Brianna in Monster City, and her restaurant is busy. Really busy. Brianna is doing her best to handle it all, but her “monsters” — self-doubt, failure, and fear — keep creeping in. The pressure causes her to lash out on her sole employee, Suzan. It isn’t until Kevin steps in that Brianna starts to see how hard Suzan is trying to do her best… in her own monster way. In this issue we also get more time with the menacing Madam Cron, as she comes to see what this restaurant is all about, only to get more annoyed at the short memories the monsters have towards humans and their former treatment of her kind. With only two more issues in this mini-series, I imagine the heat is about to really get turned up.

Ages 16+

Our Week in Review assesses 'Kim Reaper' #1

Cover to ‘Kim Reaper’ #1. Art by Sarah Graley/Oni Press

Kim Reaper #1
Oni Press/$3.99
Written, illustrated, and Colored By Sarah Graley.
Letters by CRANK!

Sarah Graley is a triple threat in her latest supernatural series, Kim Reaper. From the first panel of issue #1, Graley grabs the reader with a familiar scenario: Becka has a tough time focusing in class due to her crush, Kim, being in her direct line of sight. That infatuation comes to a head as Becka’s relentlessness in getting Kim to notice her ends up interrupting Kim during her part-time job… as a grim reaper. Read my full review here.

Throwback Issues
(Where we discuss the classics that everyone should read.)

Books for Babes assesses 'March: Book One'

Image: Top Shelf Productions

March: Book One
Top Shelf Productions, 2013
By John Lewis and Andrew Aydin.
Art by Nate Powell.

Congressman John Lewis of Georgia’s 5th district recounts his role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. In March: Book One we begin in Lewis’ D.C. office about to leave for President Obama’s Inauguration Day festivities. Before he leaves a mother and her two sons enter his office because she wanted to show them history. They did not expect to meet Lewis and through a brief question and answer session, we see the story of Lewis as a child in Troy, Alabama, through his initial involvement with the start of the Civil Rights Movement. We learn his reasons for wanting to be a part of the movement, his encounter with Martin Luther King Jr., and his role in the birth of the Nashville Student Movement.

Told through his first-hand accounts, March: Book One is a great telling of what that moment in time was like, beyond what you have learned from your high school history book. Nate Powell’s artwork takes the memories and emotions of the story and brings them to life on the page. Done in black and white, the use of contrast and highlighting come across even more vividly. A fantastic start to learning more about the Civil Rights Movement through a living legend’s personal story.

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