By Stefania Rudd. Do you have little ones in your life who are drawn to the world of comics through movies, cartoons, and video games, but you’re not sure what to start them with, or even know what’s appropriate?

We got you! Books For Babes aims to provide info on what books kids will enjoy, but can also be entertaining for adults. One can never start too early — or too late — in building a solid comic book foundation.

Ages 4-7

'Revolution Aw Yeah' is reviewed in this week's installment of BOOKS FOR BABES

Cover to ‘Revolution Aw Yeah’. Art by Art Baltazar/IDW Publishing

Revolution Aw Yeah #1
IDW Publishing/$3.99
Written and drawn by Art Baltazar.

The evil Baron Karza is out to become the most powerful being in the universe! However, he has a few shortcomings, pun intended, that he’ll need to overcome in order to get there. His plan is to drain the powers of Rom, Optimus Prime, and Snake Eyes with the ancient Orbsah Gem, transferring it all to him in order to control the universe. After Baron Karza succeeds in his endeavor, the balance of microspace tips, alerting our heroes, the Micronauts, who are then called into action!

Art Baltazar offers an action-filled story with Revolution. Overlapping universes and characters is like dumping out your toy box and going absolutely nuts for playtime. Baltazar’s writing and artwork make the book accessible for younger audiences, but still entertaining for older kids and adults too. It’s also great to see characters like the Micronauts get new exposure to a new audience. Overall, Revolution is a fun read.

Ages 8-11

'Ghostbusters Funko Special' is reviewed in this week's installment of BOOKS FOR BABES

Cover to ‘Ghostbusters Funko Universe Special’. Art by Eddie Irizarry/IDW Publishing

Ghostbusters Funko Universe One Shot
IDW Publishing/$4.99
Written by Troy Dye.
Art by Philip Murphy.
Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado.
Letters by Neil Uyetake.

May was IDW Funko Universe Month and that meant tie-ins galore! Remembering that this is aimed for the younger crowd, Troy Dye writes a fun and action-filled story that takes the Ghostbusters crew on a chase around New York City and then over to Japan, to trap the spirits of the Masters of the Four Winds before they combine forces to dominate the world.

Those familiar with the Pop! Vinyl figures will instantly recognize Philip Murphy’s artwork as true to their form with their rounded boxy heads and big black eyes, however he does allow for more movement and emotion than the figures often provide. Luis Antonio Delgado enhances the artwork through vibrant colors and uses shading and effects when it comes to the Masters of the Four Winds spirits. A great book for little ones that illustrates the power of friendship.

Ages 12-15

'TMNT Funko Special' is reviewed in this week's installment of BOOKS FOR BABES

Cover to ‘TMNT Funko Universe Special’. Art by Jamal Peppers/IDW Publishing

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Funko Universe One Shot
IDW Publishing/$4.99
Written by Caleb Goellner.
Art by Nico Pena.
Colors by Ronda Pattison.
Letters by Shawn Lee.

Seriously these Funko Universe books are so cute and fun, I couldn’t help but recommend another. This time it’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ turn.

The story centers around an issue many of us have faced: the free prize promised in your cereal box not being there. Michelangelo discovers he got a dud box of Rice Shreddies; good thing the cereal is made in town and the Turtles can go pick one up in person. However, when they arrive they realize it’s a front for Shredder and Krang’s evil plan to turn the town’s children into minions via the decoder rings. Things get a little bit soggy as the Turtles fight the Foot Soldiers as well as Rocksteady and Bebop, but it all works out in the end.

One reason I recommend this book to an older age is that as friendly as the story is to all ages, Caleb Goellner’s writing is meant for more experienced readers with the choice of words and fast paced dialogue. This could be a great story time book for those who are younger. Nico Pena takes the Pop! Vinyl figures in a more cartoonish direction and they look even cuter than usual. Ronda Pattison’s coloring is bright and fun enough to really bring you into this humorous story.

Ages 16+

'Brave Chef Brianna' is reviewed in this week's installment of BOOKS FOR BABES

Cover to ‘Brave Chef Brianna’ #3. Art by Bridget Underwood/BOOM! Studios

Brave Chef Brianna #3
Written by Sam Sykes.
Art by Selina Espiritu.
Colors by Sarah Stern.
Letters by Jim Campbell.

The plot continues to heat up in issue three of Brave Chef Brianna when Brianna’s brother, Hans, rolls into town. Of course it isn’t a friendly visit, but one that attempts to undermine the success Bianna has enjoyed with her brick and mortar restaurant by demanding a competitive cook-off. This makes Brianna less secure and her self-doubt really starts to kick in full force.

With only four issues in this series, Sam Sykes does fantastic work both establishing characters and moving the action along fairly quickly. Each issue so far has been packed with engaging dialogue and thoughtful storyline gems. I look forward to seeing how this will all conclude now that Brianna has been exposed. The art continues to be lovely; it compliments the story wonderfully.

Throwback Issues
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Books for Babes returns

Cover to ‘The Adventures of Polo’. Art by Régis Faller/Roaring Brook Press

The Adventures of Polo
Roaring Brook Press, 2002
By Régis Faller.

At first glance one might be dismissive of this children’s “picture book”. For those of us who know good stories when we see it, we can see The Adventures of Polo as the beautiful graphic novel that it is. It’s aimed at children, especially those who haven’t grasped reading yet, but Regis Faller’s story is aimed to transcend limitations with a heartening message. Polo tells the tale of a curious and bold pup named Polo, and how merely stepping out of your home (or a tree) can lead anyone to adventure.

From boats to deep sea diving to planes to igloo excursions there is no shortage of exploring for Polo and the many friends he meets along the way — a monkey musical band, a kitty in suspenders, and a grateful snowman, just to name a few.

Faller does a lovely job telling the story seamlessly through his art. The storytelling is clear and it transitions smoothly from one adventure to the next. That makes comprehension easier for the youngest of book lovers to understand. The artwork is sweet, cute, and colorful; Faller also provides contrasts through his scenery. A great book for young and new readers, Polo is a great way to put our imaginations to tremendous use.

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