By Jarrod Jones. Ever since DC dropped that mega-ton tweet on us back in November that, y’know, Brian Michael Bendis was jumping ship from Marvel to its Distinguished Competition, no big deal, the big question on everyone’s minds has been: The hell is he going to be working on?

Now we know. And it’s about as big as you’d expect.

Yes, like a cherubic sprite taking his first swimming lesson in a big, scary ocean, Bendis will be toeing the waters of the DC Multiverse with a back-up story featured in March’s Action Comics #1000. The story will be illustrated by DC Co-Publisher and Immortal Men artist, Jim Lee.

Action #1000

The news comes via an exclusive from, who notes that Action #1000 will also feature a main story written by Action scribe Dan Jurgens and another by Superman team Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. The rest of the issue, according to ComicBook, “is a star-studded tribute to eighty years of Superman storytelling.”

Upon hearing the news and doing a backflip, before steadying my hands enough to write these words to you, MJ took one look at the story and sniffed, “Maybe he’s doing Action Comics next.” And my heart nearly exploded. You guys! What if he issss?

So, what do you think, reader? Are you excited for Bendis’ first DC story? Are you stoked on Action Comics #1000? Let us know your feelings in the comments section below.