By Molly Jane Kremer and Jarrod Jones. Happy New Comic Book  Day! This is Casual Wednesdays With DoomRocket, where each week we discuss our feelings concerning the comics that mean the most to us, and the industry news that affects us all. This week, MJ & Jarrod evaluate the scaly underbelly of costumed comics by focusing on the characters who truly give them the willies — the villains. Then they share their Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues of the Week, and assess ‘Spider-Man’ #12 and ‘All-Star Batman’ #6.

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MJ’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues:

Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth #1 — DC Comics/$2.99

Wonder Woman #14 — DC Comics/$2.99

Southern Bastards #16 — Image Comics/$3.50

Motor Crush #2 — Image Comics/$3.99

The Mighty Thor #15 — Marvel Comics/$3.99

Jarrod’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues: 

Justice League/Power Rangers #1 — DC Comics/$3.99

Titans #7 — DC Comics/$3.99

God Country #1 — Image Comics/$3.99

Motro #3 — Oni Press/$3.99

All-Star Batman #6 — DC Comics/$4.99


All-Star Batman #6

Written by Scott Snyder.

Art by Jock.

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth.

Letters by Steve Wands.

JJ: Featuring the artwork of Jock, frequent co-conspirator with Scott Snyder on books like WytchesThe Black Mirror, and my personal favorite issue of Batman last year, Batman #44All-Star Batman #6 features absolutely chilling colors from Matt Hollingsworth (over Jock’s reliably spectacular visuals), and an exceptionally haunting prose style from the increasingly lyrical Snyder. All-Star Batman retains the writer’s patented cinematic style by going for broke in a gripping tale featuring Mr. Freeze.

8.5 out of 10

Spider-Man #12

Written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Art by Sara Pichelli.

Ink assists by Gaetano Carlucci.

Colors by Justin Ponsor.

Letters by Cory Petit.

MJ: Spider-Man #12 is a cute book, at times irritatingly so (thanks to some cloying dialogue and narration), but it summarizes Miles’ post-Civil War II status quo well. Sara Pichelli’s art plus Justin Ponsor’s candy-coated colors is at its typical level of magnificence. Everything going on in that cover is revealed through retroactive narration, so almost the entire issue consists of little more than set-up, jammed full of Brian Bendis’ typically overwrought dialogue.

7.5 out of 10

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Header image: ‘Batman’ #37, DC Comics. (December 17, 2014) Art by Greg Capullo.

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