By Jarrod Jones. When it comes to casting an easily forgettable white dude, only the best will do.

Chris Pine — who can’t be making Star Trek movies forever, let’s just be real about that — might make doe-eyes/get tied up at some point by Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

The news comes from Variety, who reports that Pine could be in the running to play Wonder Woman’s on-again/off-again paramour, Colonel Steve Trevor. And since playing the leading man/hero in such films as Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and This Means War hasn’t exactly yielded the box office response Pine would have liked (to say nothing of his agent), it might be time for a new approach. Like, say, playing the damsel-in-distress.

The news would also contradict early reports from the ever-eager Latino Review (and boy, wouldn’t that be a shame), who guesstimated/reported that Pine was in the running for Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern last March.

That’s Chris Pine, by the way. Chris Pratt is taken by a far superior studio.