By Donna BourgoisWow, wow, wow. This thing is nearly finished. I’m ready to move on to new projects and nothing makes that more obvious than the abysmal quantity of films I have to report back to you this month. I’m sorry if I’ve let you down. Sometimes we have the best intentions and we still bite it. Big time, in this case. No use crying over spilt milk and shitty movies unseen. Let’s focus on what did happen this month and the exciting last stretch.

I moved this month. Can you believe I’ve been living in the same shitty apartment for the last five years? Can you believe I have a closet filled with DVDs, VHS, and BluRays? I’m like the Carrie Bradshaw of video equipment. Seriously, I hear the last girl that lived in this house put all her shoes in there. Well, another month down and what’s next on the horizon? I have no idea! What should I watch for December? If only there were enough hockey films. Hope y’all have happy holidays, see you soon!

video-yahoomovies-com8903e3be-8156-36da-9a49-28770ff5c4e9_fullManson Family Vacation

Directed by J. Davis.

Running time 84 min.

Screened via Netflix.

If you followed these articles this past year, it’s easy to see I’m a fan of the Duplass brothers. Naturally I was pretty excited to see this added to the Netflix library. It’s pretty easy to figure where the film is going right out the gate. Despite the obvious end game the film is well acted and quite funny.

Before_I_Go_To_Sleep_New_Picture_1Before I Go to Sleep

Directed by Rowan Joffe.

Running time 92 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Expecting absolutely nothing was probably the best plan going in. Extremely predictable with odd pacing, this is a movie that I would much rather forget. Unfortunately, I do not have amnesia so I have to live the rest of my life knowing I watched this garbage.


Directed by Jean-Luc Godard.

Running time 105 min.

Screened via Hulu Plus.

The year this came out, Godard was involved with seven other films. While this is by no means his worst film, it is incredibly underwhelming. The premise is interesting but gets too muddled up in confusing jumps throughout time. One thing is for certain, I plan to revisit this film once I’ve finished this ridiculous challenge.

the-hallowThe Hallow (2015)

Directed by Corin Hardy.

Running time 97 min.

Screened via PSN Streaming.

What a pleasant surprise this light horror film from Ireland was, drawn in by the poster I was so delighted with how this turned out. Unlike most modern horror films, this was a slowburner. No jump scares every minute here, just an interesting telling of an old story in a modern setting.


Directed by Merlin Dervisevic.

Running time 95 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Fitting title for a film filled with obnoxious plot holes and continuity errors. Interestingly enough, it’s easy to stick with this fairly short film the whole way through. Unfortunately, it feels like director/writer Dervisevic may have lost motivation to stick with it somewhere along the way.

mockingjay111The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

Directed by Francis Lawrence.

Running time 137 min.

Screened via MoviePlex 5000.

My annual duty to my boyfriend, I found myself in the theatres for the final installment of The Hunger Games. Finally, it’s over, I cannot stand these movies. Similar to the previous films, the final installment boasts love, treason, and the girl on FIRE.


Directed by David Ayer.

Running time 134 min.

Screened via On Demand.

This well-shot WWII film is probably the tamest of the modern war film. Trading character development for tank fights, the end leaves you with little reason to care about any of the characters. Despite this major flaw it’s easy to see the acting chops of some of the better known faces on the screen.

loveandmercy-handoutLove & Mercy

Directed by Bill Pohlad.

Running time 121 min.

Screened via On Demand.

An interesting and refreshing approach to the musical biopic, Pohlad hops between early success Beach Boys Brian Wilson, and present day Brian Wilson. I thought this was genius, the story was too romance heavy in the later years which I would have found terribly boring otherwise. This is a nice light watch for any fans of the genre, or Wilson.


Directed by Rick Alverson.

Running time 103 min.

Screened via On Demand.

Having seen Hamburger a few times, I was excited when I finally got a chance to watch this film. Similar to Hamburger’s stand up this film is uncomfortable and awkward, but in the best ways. Alverson excels in showing the beauty of nature and the weirdness of humanity.


Directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

Running time 115 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Feeling feverish and jetlagged, I finally succumbed to the creepy look of Hannibal on my Netflix queue. I’m glad for waiting, I have a difficult time getting in the mood for dramas and this was about as heavy a drama as they come. Excellent acting, incredibly well shot, and tragically realistic. It’s easy to see why this cleaned up during award season in 2012.

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