by Jarrod Jones. Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there. Yes, we’re open! Please, come in.

It has been a minute! After a full year of what I called an “extended hiatus,” DoomRocket has returned at last—and it comes back to you packing all the thoughtful reviews, interviews, and other cool stuff you’ve come to expect from us over the better part of the last decade. If you’ve missed our hot takes on comic books new and old, buster, you’re in luck, but comics haven’t been the only things on our minds during our time away.

DoomRocket began as my personal film review blog all the way back in 2013, yet somehow over the years I let it grow and grow until, suddenly, I discovered that a small group of folks were writing right alongside me. And we weren’t just yammering on about film anymore, we were writing (energetically? no, furiously!) about television and video games and comics too. Those were fun days. And busy ones!

I’ve missed it. I like to be busy. So, with the return of DoomRocket’s moderately tolerated comics coverage, I’m pleased to announce that our film and television coverage returns with it. That means new ANTI-MONITOR film reviews (no new A-M podcast just yet), new TUBE ROCKET TV reviews (with the possibility of full-on recap series to come back at some point), and our ostentatiously-named comic review feature THE DOOMROCKET REVIEW, to boot. Reviews aren’t the only thing we have cooking right now, either; well-loved classic features, such as our retrospective review series RETROGRADING and our “best covers of the month” feature UNDERCOVER are coming back, and DoomRocket wouldn’t be DoomRocket without new episodes of our comics podcast CASUAL WEDNESDAYS, now would it?

(As for our video game feature series, LOAD FILE, right now it’s too unwieldy and expensive to manage. But who knows what the future will bring.)

This week starts off strong with an all-new installment of the sterling REQUIRED READING feature by legendary DoomRocket contributor Arpad Okay, as well as new DOOMROCKET REVIEWS by cool comic kids Clyde Hall and Kate Kowalski. There is also, I’m pleased to report, a review of Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall coming down the pike from the mighty Birdman himself, Matt Fleming, who returns to DoomRocket after almost five years away.

As for me? I’ll be interviewing Khary Randolph and Joanne Starer about their new GlassEyeComics label and their first needle-drop Sirens of the City, as well as knocking out a new episode of CASUAL WEDNESDAYS (with my co-host/co-conspirator, MJ Kremer) and a piping-hot installment of my newsletter-style feature, HOT PRESS.

For now, we’ll be updating the site on our one-week-per-month schedule, but you can expect a few surprises here and there in-between drops. Be sure to subscribe to DoomRocket! We send out email updates whenever new articles drop. (Just enter your email address at the bottom of this page.) And make sure to follow us on Twitter if you haven’t already; we’ll be sharing new comic preview updates and other fun stuff over there from time to time.

There’s more to come. That’s an exciting thing to write. Thank you for sticking with us over the years, and if you’re new to this crazy internet backwater, welcome! I think you might like what we have to offer.


Jarrod Jones