by Stefania Rudd. We all have that one relative that is known for starting their holiday shopping way earlier than your average person. (Or maybe it’s you?) If you have little ones in your life who have an interest in books and superheroes, you’ll want to give that person a heads up on the upcoming Fall releases (and already published fan favorites) from Downtown Bookworks.

Downtown Bookworks’ mission is “to raise a new generation of book lovers—so every one of our books is carefully designed to engage, inspire, and feel good in small hands.” They do this by using the images and stories of well-known DC superheroes and villains to educate, enrich, and empower young audiences through their books.

Starting in September and carrying through November, six new DC-themed books will hit the shelves covering topics that span from informational (The Big Book of Super-Villains) to instructive (Super Heroes Say Please). There will also be offerings that will challenge children’s brain power through science (DC Super Hero Science) and mental exercises (Girl Power Brain Boosters). Ahead of Warner Bros.’ December release of the Jason Momoa-starring Aquaman comes Bath Time with Aquaman, which delves deep into Aquaman’s origin and is safe for water, making bathtime infinitely more fun. And what better way to head off to dreamland than with DC stories meant to both inspire and comfort (The Big Book of Super Hero Bedtime Stories)?

Also, let’s not forget that Downtown Bookworks has a great number of previously-released books that are popular with kids of all ages. One awesome gift would be the DC Super Heroes Little Library that takes 10 of their best-selling DC-centric board books and boxes them up in one handy set. Other books can be purchased individually, like their cookbook, The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook–Deluxe Edition. Mmmm… Metropolis Layer Cake, anyone?

Even though we are only just entering the pumpkin spice time of the year, it’s never too soon to start thinking (and purchasing) gifts for the winter holidays. Regardless of what Downtown Bookworks books are given or when, they’ll make a great addition to any child’s library.

Here is Downtown Bookworks’ full Fall release schedule for 2018:

The Big Book of Super-Villains by Morris Katz

Bath Time with Aquaman by Sarah Parvis
Super Heroes Say Please by Morris Katz

The Big Book of Super Hero Bedtime Stories by Noah Smith
DC Super Hero Science by Jennifer Hackett
Girl Power Brain Boosters by Sarah Parvis

Stefania Rudd writes the DoomRocket all-ages feature, Books for Babes.