Written by Marguerite Bennett.
Art by Siya Oum.
Colors by J. Nanjan.
Letters by Wes Abbott.
Cover by Paulina Ganucheau.

While Bombshells United is entering its final arc (*sniff* say it ain’t so!), it should come as no surprise that this thrilling DC Comics alternate-reality would still have a surprise or two in store for us!

Prepare yourself for the Bombshells’ very own Flash! Line up the fan art, start prepping that cosplay, whatever you have to do!

And while you’re at it, check out this exclusive four-page preview of Bombshells United Chapter 34, available digitally tomorrow, courtesy of DC Comics!

$0.99 | T+ | APRIL 13

From DC Comics: All must unite before everything humanity is, and was, and could be is lost—forever.