Deathbed #3DEATHBED #3
Written by Joshua Willamson.
Art by Riley Rossmo.
Colors by Ivan Plascencia.
Letters by Deron Bennett.
Cover by Riley Rossmo and Ivan Plascencia.

The Cult of Luna is like any other cult. They’re inclusive, passionate, hungry… mostly hungry. In Joshua Williamson and Riley Rossmo’s grisly Deathbed series, our main characters find themselves at the receiving end of Luna’s knife-and-fork set. And time is running out.

So sometimes, just sometimes, the only way out of a cannibal’s walk-in freezer is to start smashing some heads. Literally.

Check out this exclusive three-page preview of Deathbed #3, courtesy of Vertigo Comics!

$3.99 | M | APRIL 18

From Vertigo Comics: Have you ever felt alone? Lost? Like you needed a friend?

If so… join the Cult of Luna! Started in the heyday of the cult movement, the Cult of Luna follows the words of the great Antonio Luna. Every single word. No matter how random or insane, the Cult of Luna treats them as an eternal gospel. He is their God. And he will be your God, too. So, come on down and join us! Bring the kiddies! Journey to the center of your inner mind. Meet exciting people who want to meet you! Find out what you’re really made of! Share yourself with our hungry followers! And most of all… have fun!