Luxury space cruiser becomes an abattoir of death in 'Alien vs. Predator: Thicker Than Blood' #2 [EXCLUSIVE]
Cover to ‘Alien vs. Predator’ Thicker Than Blood’ #2 (of 4). Art: Chun Lo/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. The luxury craft USSC Double Down has many of the amenities you’ve come to expect from a deliciously decadent cruise vessel: Detail-savvy beach-side holo-simulations, 24-hour crew service, an opulently-priced cocktail bar. The works!

We strive night and day to provide you the optimum vacation experience you paid for with your hard-earned money! But we’re not the only ones hustling aboard the Double Down: Your attentive captain has cut through an uncharted pocket of space to ensure we make good time as we drift leisurely towards your scenic destination!

And what’s this? It appears we have an unexpected visitor! Kick up the silicone sands alongside the mammoth predator beast whose space we’ve so blatantly despoiled! Hold onto your Speedo as this hunter faces down its primal nemesis, an oil-black engine of death armed only by instinct and an insatiable killing frenzy! Feel the arterial spray hotly splash over your hard-toned beach bod! Know sheer terror, as only the Double Down can give you!

That’s right, cruise curators Jeremy Barlow, Doug Wheatley, Rain Beredo and Michael Heisler are offering only the finest survival horror experience for our customers on January 15—book a second cruise on the USSC Double Down today, and make sure you tell them Dark Horse Comics sent you!

$3.99 | JANUARY 15

Written by Jeremy Barlow.
Art by Doug Wheatley.
Colors by Rain Beredo.
Letters by Michael Heisler.
Cover by Chun Lo.

From Dark Horse Comics: With nowhere left to run but into the Predators’ ship, every turn leads Maria and Tyler deeper into danger–until they discover a captive xenomorph. Could the Alien be the weapon to tip the scales in their favor, or will they find themselves caught in a crossfire?