Cover to ‘Aliens: Rescue’ #1. Art: Roberto De La Torre/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. Catching a glimpse of a shiny, drooling, merciless engine of death tends to leave an impression on folks, Private Alec Brand being no exception.

Brand was a child then, a colonist on a far-flung moon that had the misfortune of becoming the latest hatching ground for a particularly gnarly breed of xenomorphs. It would have been but a matter of time before Brand would join the heaps of bodies left in the aliens’ wake, were it not for the deeds of Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks.

Alec was rescued but his mind is still a prisoner to the inky-black memory of death. Now a full-grown Colonial Marine, Private Brand has been given a chance to face his demons—and perhaps learn the final fate of Ripley and Hendricks, as well. Rescue, the title of this new mini-series, just might end up having several meanings before we reach its stirring finale.

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, DoomRocket has an exclusive first look at the first three pages to Aliens: Rescue #1, the sequel series to this year’s Aliens: Resistance. Lingering doubt and fear is as much a formidable nemesis as a beast that bleeds acid, a fact to which Brand will no doubt attest.

Written by Brian Wood.
Art by Kieran McKeown.
Inks by JL Straw.
Colors by Dan Jackson.
Cover by Roberto De La Torre.

$3.99 | JULY 24

From Dark Horse Comics: Following the events of ‘Aliens: Resistance’, Alec Brand, the colonist rescued by Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks, has grown up into an elite Colonial Marine. A secret mission brings him back to the alien-infested moon where he was rescued… and face to face with the past.