EXCLUSIVE: 'American Gods: The Moment of the Storm' #6
Cover to ‘American Gods: The Moment of the Storm’ #6. Art: Glenn Fabry, Adam Brown/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. The tumult scarcely contained within Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has exploded far beyond its own pages and taken on a writhing, screaming life of its own. It’s glorious to behold. An ambitious television series, full-cast audio plays, and a critically-lauded comic adaptation by P. Craig Russell and Scott Hampton. It’s a juggernaut. A touchstone. And for Russell, no stranger to bringing epics to the paneled page and who is now working towards a finale to American Gods in this final series, it’s been a journey.

“Neil’s epic trans-continental novel American Gods has been an epic three-year project for all involved in its transformation from a 500-plus-page book into a 600-page graphic novel,” Russell said back in April. “Taking apart a novel line by line and finding a visual structure for its recreation is a uniquely intimate look into its workings and makes for a deeply satisfying feeling upon completion. I am sorry to see it end.”

The Moment of the Storm, which reaches its sixth issue on October 16, charts the war-scorched paths that led to Gaiman’s astounding finale with a vivid, dreamlike palette from Hampton and Jennifer T. Lange. In the pages below we observe hordes of gods, old and new, trudging up a hill as the skies darken under a veil of grey doom. It’s a mob of madness, this group, embellished with monstrous, Merrie Melodies abandon by cover artists Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown.

But what about Shadow? Our reluctant protagonist of American Gods, who had been left to suffer on a hill of his own? Shadow’s path hasn’t ended just yet—not when Easter beckons and the skies still shine blue.

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, DoomRocket has an exclusive 5-page preview of American Gods: The Moment of the Storm #6, including a variant cover by David Mack.

$3.99 | M | OCTOBER 16

Written by Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell.
Art by P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton.
Colors by Scott Hampton, Jennifer T. Lange.
Letters by Rick Parker.
Cover A by Glenn Fabry, Adam Brown.
Cover B by David Mack.

From Dark Horse Comics: From his trip through the Underworld, Shadow is revived with new insights regarding the battle between new and old gods, and must race to prevent a bloodbath.