Cover to ‘Black Hammer: Age of Doom’ #11. Art: Dean Ormston, Dave Stewart/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. Black Hammer: Age of Doom has been about moments, the limits of time and what’s possible with the little we actually have. Moments of warmth, of terror, a moment of time breaking into countless possibilities, a moment of profound truth, of absurdity, a stolen moment of happiness.

Like so. Age of Doom #11 begins with a stolen moment. For Lucy, for her father. An unlikely moment, impossible, there at the gates of New World. Two generations of Black Hammer stand embraced as the long, dread shadow of Anti-God looms over all. We have moments left before a reckoning comes, and those moments—for Colonel Weird specifically— are unknown to him. Uncharted territory. And he’s brought his friends right to it.

Dark Horse Comics has asked DoomRocket to share the first five pages to Black Hammer: Age of Doom #11, which, for Lucy, here nearing the end of an incredible journey, hold the tender mercies of moments. And for Weird and the rest of the residents of The Farm, oblivion yawns before them. No one knows how this will end. The penultimate chapter is almost here!

Written by Jeff Lemire.
Art by Dean Ormston.
Colors by Dave Stewart.
Letters by Todd Klein.
Cover by Dean Ormston.
Variant cover by Paolo Rivera, Joe Rivera.

$3.99 | M | JULY 3

From Dark Horse Comics: Lucy comes face to face with someone she would never expect, as the only solution to the ongoing fight against Anti-God is revealed!