EXCLUSIVE: Ut! Enjoy a 37-page preview of Dark Horse’s ‘The Flaming Carrot Omnibus’
Cover to ‘The Flaming Carrot Omnibus’. Art: Bob Burden/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. Do dreams of Palookaville keep you up at night? Do the lingering fragrances of a well-aimed stink bomb continue to haunt you? Are you unable to behold a pair of scuba fins without experiencing a deep, profound feeling of loss? Dark Horse Comics has just the scratch for that particular itch! Also, get that looked at!

The Flaming Carrot, Bob Burden’s immortal gift to the arts, lives again in a handsome, 416-page paperback omnibus set for a September 18 release.

From the official press release: “Propagating dreamlike surrealism, disturbing violence, sexual adventurism, bar-hopping, and a bizarre and nightmarish costume, the world’s first postmodern super-man battled Road Hogs From Outer Space, went on drinking binges with Death, teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to save the ‘Umpire State Building’, bounced around on a nuclear powered pogo stick, and ordered some of that new Brussels sprout flavored ice cream that wasn’t even on the menu yet.” And now Dark Horse has harnessed the fires of this insanity and contained it in an easy-to-read tome that, naturally, can double as an evil-smiting tool of justice!

Never again want for shameless irreverence! This astounding, unprecedented paperback includes Flaming Carrotissues #1-2, 4-11, and 25-27, reprinted in glorious black and white. (Fie to Ted Turner! Fie, we say!) For a mere $24.99 in hard-won currency, this particular transaction will have you bellowing to the stars, “Wotta steal!”

To commemorate the occasion, Dark Horse Comics has supplied DoomRocket with an exclusive first-look at the pages contained within The Flaming Carrot Omnibus! And to kick off this downright nutty preview right, the legendary publisher has suggested we orient readers with the utterly disorienting with a 5-page introduction to The Flaming Carrot—who he is, how he came to be, it’s all here!

Once you’ve submitted your senses to the sound trouncing they undeniably deserve, below you’ll find an even deeper dive into such vertiginous balderdash—an exclusive, 32-page preview of the original Flaming Carrot Comics #1! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a vital (and unabashedly surreal) piece of comics history this September. Ut!

$24.99| 416 pgs. | SEPTEMBER 18

Written by Bob Burden.
Art by Bob Burden.
Cover by Bob Burden.

From Dark Horse Comics: The Eisner Award-winning, surreal superhero series The Flaming Carrot, returns with a new omnibus collection!

Check out a comic book series that for many years most people believed to be nothing more than a ridiculous legend or an amusing joke. Doctor recommended. Maximum strength formula. New hope for a nation suffocating in the swill of its own mediocrity.

Collects Flaming Carrot #1-#2, #4-#11, #25-#27. (Featuring the crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!)