by Jarrod Jones. The frontlines of emergency don’t often leave much space for self-preservation. Somtimes those who have pledged to rescue others from imminent peril succumb to those very same dangers. It’s tragic, but it does happen.

In fiction, however, tragedy doesn’t necessarily mean such people have reached their end. In stories, we have an opportunity to daydream, maybe conjure up something weird instead of terrible.

Take Silvie, a brave metropolitan paramedic who by rights should have died when a building fell on both her and the person she was trying to save. But Silvie’s up, she’s walking around, she’s hungry for pizza (pepperoni and black olives) and… a secret organization is asking her insane questions about her lethally slow pulse and she’s seeing dead people on the street for some damned reason.

Near-averted tragedy cozies up to the supernatural in Paper Movies’ new original graphic novel, Borderlines. Silvie’s life as she knew it stayed behind in that collapsed ruin along with any plans she might have had for a normal future. Now Silvie’s landed in a different kind of frontline, one that lies somewher in the ether that separates the living from the dead.

Courtesy of Paper Movies, DoomRocket has your exclusive first look at Borderlines, a strange fusion of Scorsese’s Bringing out the Dead and DC’s Hellblazer, which hits comic stores this week.

$19.99 | AUGUST 5

Written by Steven Grant, Shane Riches.
Illustrated by Philip Renne.
Letters by Taylor Esposito.

From Paper Movies: A paramedic’s life takes a terrifying turn when — after a near death experience — she’s imbued with horrifying ghostlike powers that allow her to see and hunt malicious spirits who possess and decay mankind’s souls. Perceiving her powers as a curse, she forges an edgy alliance with an eerie organization that polices the rotting gray zones separating the living from the dead. An in-your-face horror with the ghostly terror of ‘Supernatural’ brewed with an ‘X-Files’ partnership exploring the paranormal and afterlife, ‘Borderlines’ follows a gritty anti-hero who becomes the living embodiment of spectral justice.

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