Written by Magdalene Visaggio.
Art by Sonny Liew.
Colors by Chris Chuckry.
Letters by Todd Klein.
Cover A by Sonny Liew.

Six issues seems hardly enough of Eternity Girl, with its riveting character work, multiversal shenanigans and existential malaise. But when you look closely at what Magdalene Visaggio has crafted alongside Sonny Liew, you know this entry from Young Animal’s surprisingly intimate second wave is as concise as it needs to be.

DoomRocket is happy to present this exclusive six-page preview of Eternity Girl #4, courtesy of Young Animal, DC Comics’ energetic and instantly iconic boutique imprint. This continues the ongoing saga between Eternity Girl and her arch-nemesis Madame Atom, which has spanned across reality, bent time, fractured space, and given Caroline Sharp a path towards the one thing that’s always eluded her: A way out. Watching Caroline obsess over death has been affecting, but it’s been illuminating, too — invigorating, even. Her visits with Madame Atom have taken us as far as the Shining Tower, a seemingly limitless spire “that sits at the intersection of being and nothingness,” which only furthers the staggering amount of psychological depth provided by this book’s creative team.

This preview focuses on Crash, the lord of order and strikingly glorious aesthete, who leads us on a DJ set through the cosmos to see all the iterations of Eternity Girl that either have or ever will exist. Liew sets the vinyl and colorist Chris Chuckry drops the needle with a glorious splash of color that has come to imbue the mind-bending aspects — and the beautiful heart — to one of DC Comics’ finest series running today.

$3.99 | M | JUNE 13

From DC’s Young Animal: The eternal lord of order known as the Crash takes us on a tour of alternate Eternity Girls throughout the endless possibilities of existence. Throughout them all, one thing remains constant: Madame Atom and Eternity Girl locked in a constant struggle of death and rebirth… until now. Now everything ends. Forever.