Cover to ‘The Girl in the Bay’ #4. Art: Corin Howell/Berger Books/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. Kathy Sartori is close to the truth. She knows who killed her almost a lifetime ago, but the important questions—why did she have to die? who really needed this to happen?—remain. It’s the thrilling final issue to The Girl in the Water, the latest in the Second Wave from Dark Horse Comics’ Berger Books imprint.

Written by J.M. DeMatteis (Brooklyn Dreams, The Amazing Spider-Man) and illustrated by up-and-coming wonder Corin Howell (who also currently draws Dark Red for AfterShock and Calamity Kate for Dark Horse), The Girl in the Bay has already raised a veritable tsunami of questions that threaten to smash the foundations of Kathy’s life—or what little of it remains. Someone took Kathy’s life from her, took away all the possibilities that a lifetime can hold. Now it’s Kathy’s turn to take control.

Ahead of its May 1 release, Berger Books and Dark Horse Comics have asked DoomRocket to share exclusive preview pages for The Girl in the Bay #4. Pieces of the mystery have already been offered to us. Now it’s time to grasp the big picture, no matter how terrifying it turns out to be.

Written by J.M. DeMatteis.
Art by Corin Howell.
Colors by James Devlin.
Letters by Clem Robins.
Cover by Corin Howell.

$3.99 | M | MAY 1

From Berger Books: In the thrilling finale, Kathy Sartori comes face-to-face with the man who murdered her fifty years ago, discovering that Hugh Lansky is just a pawn in the hands of a dark entity that’s determined to erase her from existence. Will Kathy ultimately learn the reason for her mysterious rebirth–or will she be destined to die again?