This exclusive first look at 'Isabellae, Volume 2' features the calm between two storms
Cover to ‘Isabellae, Volume 2’. Art: Gabor/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. The Druids sing songs of her power. Read a few pages from her books, and you’ll begin to understand why.

Isabellae is battle and blood and beauty. Balanced as magnificently as her deadly sword. There’s a joy for life in the pages of her story, a joy for music and passion and all the things that make living worthwhile. There’s also darkness, a place where ambitious, vengeful men plot and vie for land and wealth and power. Isabellae is the movements of a chess board, a dance of war—and courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, you have an exclusive chance to glimpse the next thrilling chapter in Isabellae’s story.

The pages below feature a calm between storms. Isabellae has safely returned Lorcan’s king father to his realm, alive and well but for the agonies of his initial defeat. There is feasts to be had, and songs to be sung, and merry to be made—but as Isabellae’s comrades hoist barley and rye concoctions to their king’s health, Isabellae knows this peace comes at too high a cost. One wonders if young, valorous Lorcan will realize that, and prepare for retribution before long. War isn’t given to chance. As Isabellae is quick to tell Lorcan earlier in this story, “We’re going to need all the gods to get out of here alive.” And they will.

Such are the intrigues of Isabellae. Four pages is not near enough to appreciate the sweeping adventure of writer Raule’s ambitions, nor is it enough to know the visceral thrill of artist Gabor’s black-and-crimson splashes of blood. But it’s enough to meet Isabellae if you have yet to do so. And first impressions are what this red-haired warrior excels at. (Second only to killing, obviously.)

$29.99 | NOVEMBER 6

Written by Raule.
Art by Gabor.
English translation by Montana Kane.
Cover by Gabor.

From Dark Horse Comics: Curious about her origins and in search of long-lost Celtic relatives, Isabellae travels to Ireland. But when the ancient druids of the Emerald Isle make a deal with the monstrous Formorian gods, Isabellae finds herself battling in a war for control with her English and Irish allies! In this epic conclusion to the series, Isabellae battles against ancient Celtic beasts and deities that threaten the destruction of humanity.