by Jarrod Jones. Anna Hoyt and Hattie Virgil have navigated an Alighieri-esque gauntlet through the American South just to darken the doorway of one Jim “Whitey” Donovan—and you can best believe, Whitey’s got it comin’.

A civil war has torn the United States asunder. The South is soaked with the blood of countrymen. Every stretch of road between Anna & Hattie’s Alabama home to the city of Atlanta is fraught with danger, but that doesn’t deter this unlikely pair from exacting bloody revenge. Anna will see that her dead sister gets justice. Hattie will have her freedom. But first, Whitey Donovan has gotta die.

It’s Kill Whitey Donovan, a five-issue miniseries from screenwriter and novelist Sydney Duncan, artist Natalie Barahona and published by Dark Horse Comics (courtesy of 12-Gauge Comics). In this exclusive preview of the series’ thrilling finale, Anna and Hattie find themselves at the precipice. Their target is within their grasp—all they have to do is leap over the most violent war ever fought on American soil.

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | M | MAY 20

Written by Sydney Duncan.
Art by Natalie Barahona.
Colors by Natalie Barahona.
Letters by Troy Peteri.
Cover A by Jason Pearson.
Cover B by Natalie Barahona.

From Dark Horse Comics: As Atlanta burns around her, Anna finally tracks down and confronts ”Whitey” Donovan. But men like him aren’t easy prey, as she and Hattie will soon discover. Blood will be shed and their lives forever changedall in the name of revenge.

”Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to the series.” Edgar Award-winning novelist, Mindy McGinnis, says, ”… puts female power on center stage and illuminates it with amazing art.”