EXCLUSIVE: 'Last Stop on the Red Line' #4
Cover to ‘Last Stop on the Red Line’ #4 (of 4). Art: Sam Lotfi, John Rauch/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. Foul things happen in the deeper parts of the city. There’s a strangler loose in Boston, someone who left their victim to be found in a subway car like some piece of refuse. Dehumanizing. Evil. They’ll do it again.

Not if Detective Migdalia Torres can help it. Last Stop on the Red Line is a detective story that owes as much of itself to Bram Stoker as it does Mickey Spillane, a modern horror tale that dwells in the fantastic. Paul Maybury’s story takes on a spritely life thanks to Sam Lotfi’s elastic figures and striking character work. John Rauch gives this melodrama the appropriate amount of opera, with shades of amethyst and turquoise that pop out from the shadows and wouldn’t look out of place in a proper Hammer Horror joint. Joined by letterer Adam O. Pruett, Last Stop on the Red Line careens along, spilling electric sparks and screams with bloody entertainment.

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, DoomRocket has an exclusive 4-page preview of Last Stop on the Red Line #4, a finale that speeds towards an unfathomable end—right or wrong, stopping the Boston Strangler will come with a cost. But who is going to pay it?

$3.99 | M | OCTOBER 30

Written by Paul Maybury.
Art by Sam Lotfi.
Colors by John Rauch.
Letters by Adam O. Pruett.
Cover by Sam Lotfi.

From Dark Horse Comics: The wheels are screeching and the conductor’s said his piece. We’ve reached the harrowing conclusion to Last Stop on the Red Line. Detective Torres’ partner Ben Damon has traced crime scene evidence back to an old asylum. Detective Torres and Yusef reconvene with Ben. Yusef’s connection to the invisible entity known as X unlocks memories that prove vital to finding Boston’s phantom strangler.