Cover to ‘Livewire’ #9. Art: Stacey Lee/Valiant Entertainment

by Jarrod Jones. Livewire wanted to protect psiots. Bottom line. There were people with special abilities targeted by a government that feared them, wanted to destroy them, and Amanda was somebody who had the power to do something about it. So she acted. Overreacted. Passion does that to people.

In attempting to keep her people safe, Livewire turned out the lights for the entire United States and caused untold amounts of chaos in the process, hurting folks caught in the crossfire between her and the ominous “Psiot Safety & Education Program”. Her actions have made her a fugitive, warring her way down a path that has brought us here, to the latest chapter in the life of Amanda McKee.

Writer Vita Ayala and artist Tana Ford are calling it “Hero”, an all-new storyarc that asks the question, “What is the cost of freedom?” Here, Amanda’s fugitive run has brought her straight to the exceptionally hush-hush work space of the Pentagon (yes, the Pentagon), where sullen government types will soon learn the folly of getting in the way of a psiot driven to find the truth. Amanda has drawn clear lines in Livewire’s quest, but lines don’t necessarily have to be crossed if you’re willing to nudge the boundaries a bit.

Ahead of its August 21 release DoomRocket has an exclusive 5-page preview of Livewire #9, courtesy of Valiant Entertainment. The first chapter to “Hero” is the perfect jumping-on point for readers and a thrilling new installment for the tried-and-true who have followed Amanda down this electrifying journey from the very beginning. It’s the perfect charge to cap off your summer reading, and it starts here:

Written by Vita Ayala.
Art by Tana Ford.
Cover A by Stacey Lee.
Cover B by Raúl Allén.
Cover C by Kris Anka.
Preorder Edition Cover by Jen Bartel.

$3.99 | 32 pages | T+ | AUGUST 21 (FOC JULY 29)

From Valiant: New story arc “Hero” begins here!

Wanted fugitive Livewire has been on the run for months from the authorities for shutting down the country’s power in an effort to protect people gifted with powers. 

Will a shocking offer to go public pull Livewire into a political spotlight?