Written by Andrea Fort and Michael Christopher Heron.
Illustrated by Sam Beck.
Letters by Andworld Design.
Cover A by Tess Fowler and Tamra Bonvillain.
Cover B by Nick Robles.

The perils of the road — bandits, beasts, the elements — are enough to make any journey interminable, but when your travel companion is using every pit stop as an opportunity to drown their sorrows in the most gloriously damaging way possible, well…

Bethany’s search for an elusive necromancer continues, though with each successive stop she’s discovering new and dramatic things about her hard-drinking comrade-in-arms, Elissar.

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$3.99 | APRIL 25

From Vault Comics: Bethany and Elissar make their way to the city of Accrington. Well… Elissar drinks her way there, antagonizing the locals and losing all their coin in the process. As Elissar continues her binge in yet another tavern, Bethany searches Accrington for clues to the whereabouts of a rumored necromancer. Then some very scary men show up and take over the city.