by Clyde Hall. No matter the outcome, the cover of February’s Fantastic Four #7 by series artist Esad Ribić shows Reed Richards clearly trading his address at Four Freedoms Plaza for a home in Harm’s Way. He may wish he’d heeded the cinematic advice of Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, to simply “Let them fight.” Followed by Reed and company defeating the battered and more vulnerable victor. Or Victor.

It could really go either way when two icons of the Marvel Universe face off in a showdown between Dr. Doom and Galactus. When the battle is joined, one also imagines fitting barbs being flung along with the Kirby Krackles.

“Unleash your space-borne might. Level your vaunted power cosmic. All shall prove futile, extraterrestrial dolt. For you now face the wrath of Doom!” “You dare speak thus to the Devourer of Worlds? You who are but an infinitesimal mote fit only to be swept from my celestial sight?” “A mote of… DOOM!”

Writer Dan Slott will undoubtedly be unleashing his creative power cosmic in the confrontation with even better villain dialogue as the Homeric struggle ensues. Mister Fantastic must make a choice while other members of his team face their own dilemmas. While the main event in February’s “Herald of Doom – Part Two” holds everyone’s attention, a long-forgotten threat from the Fantastic Four’s past rises ominously. We’re betting it’s not the return of Infant Terrible and Paibok, but all wagers are off.

Ribić’s electrifying cover is the only sure bet, and Marvel’s arranged a sneak peek for us:

Written by Dan Slott.
Art by Aaron Kuder.
Cover by Esad Ribić.

From Marvel: One is an unstoppable cosmic force of nature. The other is a complicated villain. And both are iconic foes of the Fantastic Four, coming to the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR #7 this February!

It’s a battle between Galactus and Doctor Doom, and Marvel is excited to reveal their epic clash with a brand new cover from series artist Esad Ribić! With the Devourer of Worlds versus Victor Von Doom, Mister Fantastic’s got a choice to make as the Fantastic Four fight to keep the Marvel Universe safe – but one thing that the Fantastic Four haven’t counted on? They return of a long forgotten threat from the team’s past…

This winter, the “Herald of Doom” continues…and it’s a story fans won’t want to miss!

‘Fantastic Four’ #7 hits stores February 13.