By Matt Fleming and Jarrod Jones. This is the ANTI-MONITOR podcast, where you should grab anything that might make a good weapon. This week, Jarrod & Birdy close out their Halloween festivities with a heaping gob of regret ‘Freddy vs. Jason’. This is a rough one, folks, apologies in advance. They also take a moment to talk about their all-time favorite movie monsters, because whatever helps, right.

As always, be wary for spoilers throughout, and please enjoy.


ANTI-MONITOR: MATT — When it comes to remaking, updating, or generally retreading films, it’s pretty tough to get it right. Unfortunately, it’s far easier to get it horribly wrong, and that’s the neighborhood where Freddy Vs Jason lives. Simply put, some ideas are better left in our imaginations, and that counts doubly for iconic character mash-ups. As much as horror fanatics may have dreamed of such a duel, the end result just falls dreadfully short.

Freddy Vs Jason is a shoddily assembled attempt at breathing life into two fully rotten icons of ‘80s slasher cinema. Freddy Krueger (again ably portrayed by Robert Englund) is reduced to a vain puppet master, while the immortal Jason Voorhees is a boring, lumbering oaf without an ounce of agency. There are a few moments of promise throughout this messy affair, but Freddy Vs Jason remains a pretty pathetic epilogue to the most memorable horror franchises of the ‘80s.



CONSENSUS: It’s not even funny how awful this movie is. Everyone involved with it, especially Kelly Rowland, should quit their lives, go join the Peace Corps, and atone. — 1 out of 10

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