By Matt FlemingGet your windex out, fellas! It’s time to re-embark on everybody’s favorite romantic trip of 2002, as Nia Vardalos looks to recapture cinematic lightning-in-a-bottle with a long-awaited sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Vardalos, with help from Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s Playtone, clearly has her finger on the pulse of modern audiences, as she seeks to one-up Warner Bros by scheduling the incredibly anticipated sequel against another of its ilk: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What will likely be titled My Big Fat Greek Divorce is slated for the coveted March 25, 2016 slot against the Warner Bros superhero face-off between Bat Manfleck and the Murderer of Steel, which looks to be very brooding and super serious, leaving audiences clamoring for some light, family-oriented fare. Big Fat Greek 2 will be directed by Kirk Jones of What To Expect When You’re Expecting and Nanny McPhee, and features returning stars Vardalos, John Corbett and an aging Greek corpse.

No word yet on how many necks will be broken by the army of pincy-cheek Greek aunties.

The battle of our age ensues March 25, 2016