By Kyle Holmer. It appears that Microsoft and 343 Industries haven’t learned a damn thing after last year’s disastrous launch of The Master Chief Collection.

For those who don’t remember, The Master Chief Collection was released in the 2014 holiday season, including Halo 1 though Halo 4 (excluding O.D.S.T. and Reach). What at first appeared to be a fantastic consolation prize for fans expecting Halo 5 soon turned into a living nightmare of disconnected servers and unplayable single player campaigns, all of which could have probably been predicted from that 20 gigabyte day one multiplayer patch. We were told that the patch was a necessity; that all of the games couldn’t fit onto a single Blu-Ray disk, and while that may have been true, it’s also likely that the team required extra development time to actually finish the various multiplayer mode (which we eventually found out they weren’t able to do).

Now it’s 2015 and another holiday Halo release is just around the corner. And once again, we have an announcement that there will be yet another massive day one patch (9 gigabytes for a single game) that will include the entire multiplayer suite for Halo 5. I have a tendency to trust developers, but this isn’t exactly a good sign.

So maybe wait for our LOAD FILE review before running out to the store to buy a copy of Halo 5? We’re here to help.