by Jarrod Jones. The World’s Weirdest Web Comic wants a top-spot on your coveted shelf space, and Kickstarter is going to help put it there.

'Hamster Rage'

Brian Crowley, Chicago-based creator and all-around terrific fellow, is asking for your help via Kickstarter to bring his wild, wacky, wonderful Hamster Rage to trade paperback form. The campaign launched on Monday, April 8, so no dawdling! Be sure to chip in to bring Roosevelt and his crew to your home today!

Hamster Rage for the uninitiated: Decked out in camouflage pants, a trenchcoat, and his trademark striped tie, Roosevelt struts about his own comic book as the hero Chicago never knew it needed. He tosses around baddies (with monikers like Halloween Man, Mr. Hell, and MegaBabe, among others) like so much Saturday morning fodder, and he’s designed to be adorable and peculiar, just like a family pet. “I wanted to make a monster character in more of the classic Hulk vein—that of a misunderstood monster that creates chaos,” Crowley told us in an email interview. “I also wanted the monster to be cuddly.”

“I’m doing a Kickstarter is because I’m an independent creator without a massive company or distributor behind me,” Crowley says on the official Kickstarter page. “Kickstarter is the newest and best comic book publishing platform and I need your help.”

The Hamster Rage collected edition will feature pin-ups and covers from some of the finest creators: Tim Seeley, Jenny Frison, Tony Akins, Steve Seeley, Hilary Barta, Gene Ha, Jim Terry, Ryan Browne, Geof Darrow, and god help me, so much more!

From left to right: Jenny Frison, Jim Terry, Gene Ha, Ryan Browne

And that’s not all! Hamster Rage features an awesome tier system to incentivize your spending choices! On top of this 160-page stunner, Crowley is offering T-shirts and figurines! Check this out:

For more on what’s in store for you when you contribute to Hamster Rage, check out the Kickstarter page and enjoy this killer video featuring HR creator extraordinaire, Brian Crowley!