By Jarrod Jones. Well. That’s certainly different.

On a day where everyone else was feeling nostalgic about the Batman, David Ayer decided to send out a tweet wishing the Joker a happy 75th anniversary, which isn’t that nice.

But what made Ayer’s tweet such an eye-grabbing and forehead slapping event was that it contained the world’s first look at Jared Leto’s Joker, as he will appear in Suicide Squad.


From the looks of things, Ayer appears to be doing everything he can to separate his Clown Prince of Crime from any other iteration of the character thus far. And in his attempts to differentiate from the much-lauded versions from Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson (but mostly Caesar Romero, let’s be real about that), this Joker hopes to stand out by looking as utterly ridiculous as humanly possible, which is crucial when you need a lot of people to pay attention to your upcoming, star-studded comic book movie.

Suicide Squad will flex its sick tats on August 5, 2016.