By Jarrod Jones. If you’re reading Jupiter’s Legacy — and let’s face it, you probably should be — you know it’s been a… very long time for the book to finally get to issue #5. And it ain’t even close to being finished.

But that’s not gonna stop series co-creator Mark Millar and Lorenzo di Bonaventura — producer of such filmic marvels as Transformers: Age of Extinction and, er… G.I. Joe: Retaliation — from teaming up to produce a movie of the damn thing anyway.

That’s the latest news coming from The Hollywood Reporter, who published an article confirming the burgeoning partnership between di Bonaventura and Millar. And very much like another group of people who think they have the best interests of the world at heart, they’re making some very poor decisions — like adapting a semi-complicated narrative into a big-budget Hollywood superhero flick before the book is even close to being finished.

This shouldn’t be surprising for anyone even remotely aware of comics guru Mark Millar, who is only too willing to foist his comic book properties Hollywood’s way if it means making a boatload of money, and the news shouldn’t be all that impressive either, especially when you acknowledge that his mini-series Chrononauts (co-created with Sean Murphy) hadn’t let the ink for its first issue dry before a movie studio swiped up the film rights.

Focusing on some positives, the film might adapt some of (Legacy co-creator) Frank Quitely’s more out-there (and magnificent) renderings, so all may not be lost.


Jupiter’s Legacy will presumably be released sometime around 2017, or right around when Jupiter’s Legacy #6 comes out.