By Jarrod Jones. Right or wrong, if you’re fighting on or around a Thomas the Tank Engine set, the results are going to be hilarious.

Proving this fundamental truth is Marvel Studio’s latest trailer for Ant-Man, a film with all the potential in the world to be fantastic but has somehow become synonymous with “apprehensively produced multi-million dollar endeavor.”

With loads of fans still reeling from the loss of filmmaking virtuoso Edgar Wright, the latest big-budget superhero flick from Marvel has been plagued with production issues almost from the very beginning. So naturally, the studio has thrown together a predictably bland movie trailer that we can all gloss over just moments before Age of Ultron breaks our collective faces.

It blasts a typically epic orchestral at us while attempting to splice in a cautious sense of humor, creating what is, in effect, a tonally-lopsided advertisement assembled by a studio petrified they may have a flop on their hands.

Ant-Man just might surprise audiences (you never know!) July 17.