By Ian Boone. Fallout 4 is in the air.

A countdown clock appeared yesterday at this website, but even Bethesda couldn’t fully contain their beans and confirmed that it was counting down to the extremely imminent announcement of the new Fallout. Way to not keep fans hanging in suspense. Good job!

This game’s existence has always been guaranteed, but the official channels from Bethesda and Zenimax Software remained silent until now. In anticipation for the the full announcement, I have scrounged about for whatever credelicious morsels of information that have leaked or floated to the top of the rumor piles.


Boston, Massachusetts. Home of the Celts, the location of Cheers, and the irradiated ruins we’ll one day find ourselves picking through. Leaked pages of script sent to Kotaku last year definitely name Boston as Fallout 4’s location, and researchers from the game purportedly visited MIT to map the location for their game.


This nugget has more to do with the plot and character development in Fallout 4. This is also a much fresher rumor, popping up on NeoGAF forums late Tuesday night.

Forum user -Blitz- has supposedly leaked some major new details of Fallout 4. The major backdrop will be a conflict between surviving humans in the post-war Boston cohabitating with androids. The player character can be human or android, which I think is a Fallout first.


While no official word’s been given, we can assume the next Fallout will be PC, Xbox One, and PS4 only. Poking through the source code of the countdown timer illuminates a few preorder options to unveil once the timer hits zero, but PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U are conspicuously absent. Hmm.

It’s 2 AM, and I’m jacked as a junkie on Jet. There is a five to ten percent chance of any sleep tonight.  If you’re hype as me on this Fallout 4 announcement, check back in a few for the full details!