Written by Mark London.
Art and cover by Mauricio Villareal.
Letters by Christian Ospina

Lucifer, by all accounts, seems like a pretty lousy dude. Think of him like that guy you beef with at work: He undermines authority, insists he knows a better way to run things, and generally gives off this odor of fire and brimstone. Lucifer is a putz.

But then God decides to abandon His responsibilities and leave his subordinates to run the madhouse. If your boss took a powder on you in the midst of a crazy shift, you’d probably turn to the putz for some guidance too. Or maybe you wouldn’t! These are hypotheticals.

Take a gander at this three-page preview of Knights of the Golden Sun #1, courtesy of Mad Cave Studios!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | NOVEMBER 1

From Mad Cave Studios: God abandoned His throne in Providence. The angels are in turmoil. In a last-ditch effort to maintain order, Archangel Michael pleads with the original Knight, Lucifer, to help guide the lost angels back to the light. Meanwhile, an ancient menace looms in the shadows primed to bring humanity back into darkness.

From writer Mark London (‘Battlecats’, ‘Midnight Task Force’) and artist Mauricio Villarreal comes an epic tale set during an unexplored time in human history. Has humanity fared as envisioned? Have the angels remained faithful, united? Let the struggle for Providence begin…

Knights of the Golden Sun #1 will be available on Comixology, Amazon/Kindle, and DriveThru Comics November 1.