By Jarrod JonesThat sound you just heard was the latest shots fired in the never-ending battle between Marvel and DC.

The Hollywood Reporter has just unleashed a juggernaut exclusive that names should-have-been Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins as a lock for DC’s upcoming Wonder Woman film.

The news comes just two days after it was announced by the studio that Breaking Bad director Michelle MacLaren had walked away from the production, presumably because she had her own ideas about how to make the film she was hired to make, and that simply doesn’t do.

It seems that fate always held that Jenkins was meant to be the first woman to helm a major studio’s superhero film, despite Marvel Studio’s best efforts to shit-can the director of Monster all the way into obsolescence. And now, in an act of such staggering irony I’m going outside for some oxygen, Warner Bros is doing what Marvel wouldn’t do by employing Jenkins for what is arguably the most important superhero film to come our way since 2012’s The Avengers.

A press release from Warner Bros is expected soon, where it will read something like, “nyah, nyah; stinky-head Marvel’s a bunch of dumb-dumbs” or some such nonsense.

Wonder Woman will hit Marvel in the face on June 23, 2017.